Friday, June 03, 2005


When I was first asked to host AMG's best of/"I'm-too-cheap-and-lazy-to-blog-something-that-would-actually-be-interesting-from-an-internet-cafe-in-Europe" series, I was overjoyed. I have been reading her works for nearly two weeks now (My, has it been so long? How time flies!), and consider myself the foremost expert of her works.

Sure, sure, she's a pretty face with a great rack dimples, but I felt an instant bond with her as I read her work. As if she was blogging just to me, that I had found this little sex puppet angel who wanted to tell me her deepest secrets. Secrets like, she bought a new car, or she thinks pictures of horse cops picking up Mustangs are funny... Oh, AMG, you rascal!

I'm sorry, I'm getting a little misty... Where's my tissue... OK, much better. I'm going to have to cut to the quick as my emotions are betraying my stoic facade.

Today's edition of The Best of AMG comes from that fabulous month of January, at the time when it is just beginning to turn to February. It's a very poignant submission, in which AMG discusses same-sex friendship in the turbulent twenties. Her pleas for social acceptance ring just as loudly and true today as it did four and a half months ago. It really moved me, and I find myself, to this day, sitting and thinking, "Damn, I wish she would have hooked up with that Spanish chick?*" My mind wanders...

Enjoy today's entry from January 28, 2005: "I Have a Date! With a Girl?"

*In my mind, it was always Selma Hayek, until I watched Desparate Housewives, then it was Eva Longoria. Now it's just both of them, with an option of J.Lo (pre-Puffy, of course). Or Jessica Alba.


Bridget Unnel said...

Reruns. Harrumph.

I still want a real souvenir when she gets back.

Kitsune said...

Keep up the good work Scott!

I know that AMG will, upon her return, either thank you by pledging her eternal love and lusty passions to you or deliver to you a vicious wedgie such that your undies, stretched between you buttox and your head, could be used as a bowstring. One of the two.