Tuesday, June 21, 2005

This One is Just for You, Anonymous Hater!*

I took this to send to a friend to show her the skirt I got in Italy, and when I was looking at it I realized that several things I got in Italy were pictured, not just the skirt (completely unintentional; that purse is just a complete camera whore). So I thought I'd share with you some of the goodies that I brought back.

The jackets say "Italia" on the front of them. I couldn't decide between the colors, so like the selfish bitch I am I decided to get both. But they were only 12 euro each (like $15), so it wasn't that much of a splurge.

Now I just have to post a pic of the bra and panties I got in Capri.**

* BTW, where have you gone?? You were all over this shit when I was in Europe, and now that I'm back you've completely disappeared! I'm kind of disappointed.

** Yeah right. My mom and dad read this!


The Everglades said...


I loved your pictures from France.

I spent my first year out of college (2004) working in Paris as a bicycle tour guide for Fat Tire Bike Tours. Your pictures made me want to jump on the first plane back to my surrogate city. I led tours around Versailles and the city as well. Did you take a bike tour while you were there?

Anyway, I love your blog and will check back frequently.


PS thanks for the birthday wishes.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I like the skirt.

Girls with skirts are highly underrated.

A hearty thumbs-up.

The Lone Rangers said...

Getting any clothing in Italy (esp. sport clothing) for 12 euros snatch it up.

How'd you like Capri?

CheyenneWay said...

That is one massive "knock off" prada bag! Woe unto thee whom tryeth to snactheth!

The G-man said...

Can't we detour your mom and dad to another blog?

NCTRNL said...

Wow...how did I miss the fact that you're so attractive? I must be losing my edge...so where's your other blog?

ltlme said...

sounds like i need to get my butt to Italy to do some serious shopping

Miss_Vicki said...

I am DYING to go to Italy!!! Please please please take me next time! :)

You Can't Afford Me said...

cuute skirt!

Kitsune said...

heeheehee. Nice. So, about the other non-pictured goodies, can we send you e-mail? ;) No?

I don't think we have heard enough about the food yet. You were in Italy. We need food! (Geez. Now I'm hungry.)

Chris F. said...

weird question, but when I saw the words "season two begins", all I could think of was buffy the vampire slayer...the only show who's seasons I bothered to pay attention to...So, then i was thinking "Buffy always had seasonal story archs...I wonder if AMG, the real life buffy, as far as I'm concerned, has come up with her Season two story arch yet." If so, don't give it away, just wink twice or something. I want to see it unfold. I'm so excited! OK, it's late, and I actually have a personality assessment to write up for tomorrow. 'nightie night.

jevanking™ said...

Looks like you had some good fortune while shopping in Italy. I LOVE shopping while I am on vacation. The thing is that I usually don't have that much money to do so. I'm glad you had an excellent time, and hopefully some excellent memories.

Derek said...

Gotta Agree with Captain Bee

On a side note I had no clue you read my blog. Thanks for the comment

Nick said...

I too appreciate the visitoring that you did to my blog. I like to make up words and then use them wrong. I have to agree with Mr. Cheyenneway, whoever the hell that is, and say, your bag is massive.

Nic said...

I love that skirt. It is gorgeous!

Roonie said...

Tres cute skirt. Good purchases.

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes cute skirt, nice jackets (But nicer than the jackets is their price -YES!!), simply wonderful leather bracelets and a lovely bag.
But are you sure you can lift it? You could fit a TV in there.
Not too worried about scale these knock-off boys, are they?

Far more worrying is the new pic in the profile section.
Now I usually enjoy seeing your new pics and what you will be doing in them this time so imagine my disappointment when I see what I am certain is an old one.

Tut tut AMG, I thought you had higher standards than this!
Re-posting old photos. What will be next? A re-run of old blog entries?

(Wait a second...)


Anonymous said...

Oh I have a question. Seeing as I figure that the profile pic is of you working hard in your famously spacious office, I have to ask; is the doorway behind you in the skirt pic the doorway to your office?
Looks about right.

Hee hee.


Kitsune said...

Dude, the door is clearly different (trim pannel in the middle) as is the color of paint on the wall.

SirTalksALot said...

Awesome. I love buying several of the same shirt but in different varieties. If it fits, why not get several is my motto.

King Nate Unknown said...

Nice haul from Europe. I'm still holding out to see the Adidas knock offs. Are the bra and panties nice at least since we'll never see them here?

Anonymous said...

Very cute skirt. Couldn't you being us all back one? LOL.

Anonymous Midwest Girl said...

LOL dudes, I hope you're kidding about the giant size of the bag. It's just closer to the camera...perspective anyone?

Everglades - No, no bike tour. :( But all the people on bikes were so cute!

Lone Ranger - LOVED Capri. Gorgeous! Great shopping! Great food!

Ms. Vicki - You're on, let's go!

Chris F - Hmmmm. Have to work on that.

Anonymous - That's a brand new picture! I just took it like two days ago! The profile pic is in my office, the skirt pic is in my bedroom.

King Nate - Yes, they're very nice. :)

Kate - Next time, honey!

Walking Wounded said...

I was gonna say, that bag looks like it could fit a cinderblock or a pipe wrench in it. But I figured it was camera perspective playing a trick on muh peepers!

When I have lay-over in Amsterdam, I cannnot wait to check out the football shops and snag a few track jackets. I think they are cool beans!


Sharron said...

You look adorable. I have one of those Prada bags too, careful of the fake little metal Prada thingy...it falls off easily.

Anonymous said...

Your hater is still here. You just haven't done anything worth hating on yet. I only hate on you when you deserve to be hated on. And it's fine for you to go on about your trip, I would too. And your shopping, also very nice. You look cute in that skirt. But I still don't like you.

Anonymous said...


Of course weknew it was a perspective thing but we were being funny.
It wasn't funny?
Sigh. Back to the drawing board.

Other things that were not funny:
trying to compare your office to a closet by asking if that door in the skirt pic was the door to your office.

I used to be funny.
I'm sure.
My Mom used to laugh anyway.

I'm still not convinced it's a new pic by the way.



LocuTus of Borg said...

Wow you look stunning! I was smiling so big when I saw that you gave us labels ;) heehee

Have you set up that other blog yet .... ?

lisa said...

My biggest mistake EVER was letting my mom know that I had a blog. Now I can never say anything about her on it and yesterday she literally obliviously walked through a robbery without even noticing. But I know she's gonna go so annoyed with me if I make fun of her for that on my blog. Blast!

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