Monday, May 12, 2008


To warn you, although this post does involve iPhone-ness, the title of the post has nothing to do with anything. I just thought it was kind of funny. In retrospect, not so much.

Anyway, I got an iPhone. It's okay. Actually I love it, but a couple things irritate me. And since Apple does not take kindly to unsolicited advice regarding their devices, I am posting them here. If you know someone who knows someone, you know, pass it on.

1. Apple squeezing you for every dollar you have.
I went to plug the phone into my car so I could listen to music during a drive, only to discover that the audio output jack thingy didn't work with it. It fit into the little hole, but it wasn't a good fit and nothing happened. Because the definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, I took it to work and tried plugging it into my work speakers with, predictably, the same result. I went to the Apple store and found out that the audio output hole is sunk into the iPhone a bit, so normal audio jacks won't work for it; they're too short. So you have to buy a modifier. Which Apple is HAPPY to supply you. For a fee.

2. You can't save individual text messages.
On my old phone, if I wanted to save a specific text message, I could just lock it. I could delete all the other messages from that person, or even all the other text messages period. But with the iPhone, it saves it as an ongoing conversation, kind of like MSN Messanger - except with IMs, you can copy and paste a message and save it that way. And you can't do that with the iPhone. The only way to save an individual message is to save the entire conversation with that person, back from the very first text you sent or received from them. So I respectfully request that they let you save an individual text message and/or give the ability to email a text message. Similarly, you can't forward a text like you can on a regular phone. WANT. Oh, and you can't text a picture. WTF?

3. Um. Well, that's really it for now. But the text message thing really is irritating, because I am one of those damn texters.

4. Ha! I lied. I want the iPhone to support Flash applications as well.

5. Now done.

6. You didn't really believe me, did you? I do miss one-touch redialing.

7. And no video. Just still pics.

The end.

For NOW...(cue ominous music)...



Julie_Gong said...

i will forgive you because you've been away from this whole "blog" thing for awhile... because you have a "life"

scott c said...

Out of all the exciting adventures we've had and you post about your PHONE?!?!?

(I'm immune to all criticism as I'm TRYING to make the most boring blog ever.)

Anonymous said...

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Rachel said...

You need to write a book, or a column, or something where people without computers can also enjoy your rocking awesome story telling skills.

Your stories rule.

I still want the iPhone though... :)