Sunday, February 27, 2005

Oscar the Grouch

Yes, I am watching the Oscars. Because this is not something I would normally do voluntarily, it must be that someone broke into my house, tied me to a chair, glued my eyes open, and turned the TV to the Oscars. Okay, actually, they just turned the TV to the Oscars and moved the remote out of reaching distance. Same thing.

So, to join the 80% of people who will be writing about the Oscars tonight, because I am a follower and not a leader, here I will weigh in with my thoughts on the nominees:

"The Aviator" - Haven't seen it. But had a poster of Leo in my locker as a freshman, if that counts for anything.
"Finding Neverland" - Haven't seen it.
"Million Dollar Baby" - Haven't seen it.
"Ray" - Haven't seen it.
"Sideways" - Haven't seen it.

Not having seen any of the movies, I of course was less than qualified to decide which would win. I needed a highly scientific method to make the predication. So what I did to make my pick was make a cootie catcher and write each of the nominees one it. After completing the required cootie catcher steps with a friend, we have determined that "Million Dollar Baby" will win the top honor tonight. I know this is right because the cootie catcher is never wrong, and also because I am writing this after they already announced the winner.


Robert said...

If I ever slip into a coma, playing an award show in the background is the surest way to guarantee I never wake up.

It's slow death to me!

Heather said...

Haha...ha...I remember cootie catchers. Those were the days...

Logan said...

Never underestimate the power of origami.
That's one of my mottos

Katie said...

We always called those things "fortune tellers." I just heard the term "cootie catchers" about a month ago. Weird, huh?

Walking Wounded said...

Cootie Catchers is brand new to me too. We always called them fortune tellers. I remember one year at the end of school the teacher cleaned out her desk and had like a million of those things she had taken away from us kids. But there were always a million more, amazing...


The Author said...

I read that as cooter catcher. I was really interested there for a second!

I watched the whole damn thing (me and my cursed affection for the motion piture arts).

I'm very tired this morning, and quite pissed off. Read my BLOG to find out why that is so (moreso than usual).

HatHead said...

what? no 'son of mask'??