Saturday, March 26, 2005

I'm Like Jesus, Man.*

"I'm baaaa-aaack!" That would sound so much more dramatic in an Austrian accent heavily affected by decades of steroid use a la Ahnold, but instead you'll have to imagine my completely unaccented Midwestern voice.

Yes, my month of travel has ended. I was in Austin for a week and a half, and then the day after I got back I flew to Washington, D.C. for a business trip and was there for four days. Yes, you read right...a business trip. I am so grown up and professional. I'm like goddamn Businesswoman Barbie. Who I imagine would be wearing a mini-skirt suite with a daring v-neck. Probably pink. And I really doubt she got that corner office with the bay windows by filing reports...unless they were under the CEO's desk! Ifyouknowwhati'msayin...

So Austin is over and done's a summary:
- Saw lots of movies (31 in seven days).
- Saw the back of Luke and Owen and Andrew Wilson's heads.
- Broke a rib.
- Was in lots of pain.
- Lost my ID on St. Patrick's Day so I couldn't get into any bars to drink, so went back to the hotel alone and was miserable and lonely all night while all my friends were having a good time.

Despite how that summary sounds, and it is extremely accurate, I had a blast. I love the city, and the people, and the sun...did I mention it was sunny and 70 the whole time we were there?

Here are a couple of pics with some of the people (and by people I mean B-list celebs) (and by B-list celebs I mean C-List celebs) we saw at the festival (notice that in several of them, I'm so excited my face looks like it's about to explode).

Sarah Silverman (comedian, girlfriend in "School of Rock," and so incredibly gorgeous in real life it took lots of willpower not to molest her in some bizarre lesbian melee.) (Yes, I'm straight.) (But she's still hot.)
Image hosted by

Brian Posehn ("Just Shoot Me" and lots of other stuff)
Image hosted by

Jimmy Kimmel (who is dating Sarah Silverman) and half of me (thanks to a friend who doesn't know how to use a camera)
Image hosted by

David Krumholtz (The guy with the penis on his face in "10 Things I Hate About You", currently starring in the crappy CBS show "Numb3rs")
Image hosted by

Willie Nelson (nuff said)
Image hosted by

And finally, the highlight of the celebrity parade...may I present to you...Aqua Teen Hunger Force, live and in person:

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

*Since it's like I came back from the dead after 40 days, except I wasn't dead and it was more like eighteen days.


Dan said...

Too cool. Hope you're feeling better and in one piece.

Btw, what is that brown round thing?

LeRoy said...

Meeting the Hunger Force would be the highlight of my brief and shallow life...and I'm not lying about that. Or am I...

echrai said...

You're back! You're back! You're back! See the reception you get from these pathetic bloggers, waiting to hang on your every word. Wait... broken rib? What's the story there? The mafia? Undercover chocolate smuggling? Dancing with the Rockettes and getting tossed off the stage into a tuba by a jealous long-legged beauty? There's GOT to be a story there. Even if there's not, well, you're gonna have to make one up.

Missed you loads!

And my nominee for Barbie of the year is backstabbing secretary Barbie - complete with catty attitude and email complaints to the boss on her little pink plastic laptop.

Walking Wounded said...

"I'm back! I didn't die! But crazy busy was I. I can't wait to settle back into my family of bloggers...." That almost has a Shakespearean ring to it! Let's put it into prose:

I'm back, I didn't die
But crazy busy was I
Can't wait to settle back
into my family of bloggers

Yeah, that prose rocks! Ten more lines and you could create a sonnet, you crazy bird.

Kudos to meeting the celebs, I'm sure it was a blast, beside the lost ID and broken rib (ouch). Hope you are feeling better, indeed.

Business trip? Look out now! I think the "Anonymous Midwest Girl" might turn into the "Anonymous Corporate Girl." Glad to see you are back ad keeping it real.

I think that round thing is supposed to be a Swedish meatball or something, right?


The Author said...

Broken ribs are no doubt the cause of Ms. Silverman Kung-Fu'ing your ass after trying to grab a piece of hers.

She is really hot though. I'm now trying to go through all the stuff she's been in to find out if she took her top off in any of it.

Welcome back. You were greatly missed.

Dave Morris said...

Missed your wit, sarcasm and energy.

And Austin IS the shit.

And Silverman is a hottie. And I remember the week she filled in as sidekick for Kimmel...

And I wonder if they were fuzz-bumping in the green room. (potential for a new "talk show sidekick Barbie??)

And, and, and... gosh it's good to have you back and writing again.

dave bones said...

Men in Black is true! Aliens have landed in Mid western America! What planet does the huge one which looks like a chocolate ball come from?

Kitsune said...

Willie Nelson! He was clearly at his best on Space Ghost, Coast to Coast.

You should have grabbed a picture with Dr. Wierd, too. Maybe he would have let you put on his Hairarium.

PS: Thanks for dropping by my blog!

Anonymous said...

She's back! She's Back! She's back!

So excited but really must go and read the other post now. Oooh 2 in one day! Hee hee. Like a bull in a china shop, oh wait, wrong metaphor, eh, like a kid in a candy shop, yes that's it-

Sara Silverman does look quite hot here but I don't know, I remember that episode of "Star Trek Voyager" she was in. Okay, I will stop now.

But she was ALSO a voice on an episode of "Aqua Teen Hunger Force".
Coincidence? I think not...


Blogbelle said...

I get really creeped by giant-sized costumes of cartoons. And Aqua Teen Hunger Force is creepy as is. I don't know how you handled it. You're much stronger than I.

Madkins007 said...

Isn't it amazing what you can do with Photoshop! But why did you choose such B-list actors??

jevanking™ said...

Holy SHIT! You met Meatwad?!

Anonymous said...

numb3rs isnt crap