Thursday, March 31, 2005

Why Doesn't TiVo Have a "What the Hell?" Button?

Let me preface this post by saying I love TV.

I love comedies (Scrubs, According to Jim, Still Standing), I love dramas (CSI and sons, Desperate Housewives, Sopranos), I love talk shows (Jon Stewart, please marry me), I love documentaries (anything on the History Channel), I love cartoons (ATHF, Family Guy, Robot Chicken, which isn't really a cartoon but rather a stop-action sketch comedy show using Barbies and...oh, just watch it. You'll see what I mean) and I even love TV's red-headed bastard stepchild (no offense, of course, to any red-headed bastard stepchildren that may be reading this), reality TV (Amazing Race, Survivor, and sadly, The Real World). And damn, could I have used more parenthetical inserts in that paragraph?

Anyways, you get it - I love TV.

But I don't love it when I watch TV and I have no. idea. what. is. going. on.

Like "Lost." I really like that show. The concept is cool. The cast is cool. The location is gorgeous. But - and please don't tell anyone this - I am so confused. I have no idea what is happening. I hesitate to admit this, because I know there are viewers out there who would say, "What? You don't get it? You dumb, poor child. See, Locke is Jesus, and the island is alive, and the whole group of them are actually dead and in purgatory!"

What's so confusing, you ask? Well, let's see:

Polar bear on tropical island? Check.
Mysterious monster rumbling through the forest that comes and goes? Check.
Wheelchair-bound man able to walk again? Check.
Plant goo that causes hallucinations? Check.
Crazy French lady? Check.
Dead drug-smuggling Nigereans? Check.
Silver hatch thing with indestructible window? Check.
Series of numbers that seem random but apparently spell doom? Check.
People that go missing, only to return with no recollection of what happened? Check.
Crazy dreams that seem to point to future events? Check.

I am beginning to think that they named the show "Lost" because that's what people are when watching it, not because of the plot. I have a headache after I watch it. I watch it a second time to see if I missed that "duh!" moment. I go to messageboards to see if anyone else knows what's going on. I plead with God to let me in on the secret (to no avail, as of yet). But I still don't get it.

Please, oh venerable "Lost" creators...just give me a hint. Tie something together. Explain one secret. Make anything make sense. Before I go absolutely mad?


Walking Wounded said...

Sort of reminded me when I look at all the others walking out of the theatre after seeing "Eyes Wide Shut." Suckers!

No really don't feel bad for being a little confused. Sometimes shows do that to me, especially the first three episodes of Carnivale. But then after that I got the hang of it.

Hang in there, if you love the show it's worth it!


ken said...

it's a bit sad, really. we have a "lost" support group. we watch it in groups. then we discuss. it's sort of like the lost forums, only with real people.

i can relate. (but I'm still obsessed).

Robert said...

I can't read your post because I don't want to spoil the series. I don't know if you have or not but a friend of mine mentioned that you have to see it from the beginning. So I'm waiting for the series to come out on DVD which is supposed to be in September.

I do have a TiVo though and it absolutely rocks! In addition, my roommate works for the cable company so we have one of those DVRs from them. I can record up to three channels simultaneously. Muhahahahahahaha!

The Author said...

Thankfully that's one show I never got addicted to. SI Swimsuit Model Search though? Never missed an episode.

Dan said...

" I don't know if you have or not but a friend of mine mentioned that you have to see it from the beginning."

I have seen it from the beginning, but I still don't know what's going on. J.J. Abrams and co. have created a show with so many open-ended plot twists that I feel like I'm inside a pretzel!

Then again, that's why I keep watching, in hopes that it will somehow unravel itself in the end!

LeRoy said...

I share your problems with "Lost." I think, though, that the writers must also feel the same way. What else could explain why there is a new episode on, then 4 reruns and then another new episode. Jesus, the show has only been on for a couple of months; how many reruns can you show?
My theory, my dad's too, is that each week the writers come together and say, "Oh shit. What have we done. How can we get out of this one." Then they sit for about 2 weeks while reruns show. Stick with Scrubs, good Tv, though I teach a class on Tuesday nights so I miss it.