Friday, April 15, 2005

This is Not Hypocritical at All

It really irritates me when I see bad* drivers on the road, mainly because it greatly inhibits MY ability to drive badly. You can't have two people running a stop sign, or two people speeding around a blind curve, or two people waiting until the last second to merge. Only one person can do that at a time, and I would like to officially request that it be me.

*By "bad," I mean drivers who think that the rules don't apply to them, not like those old people who can't see over the steering wheel and drive 20 mph on the interstate with a completely bewildered look on their face, like "How did I get here?", and not like those women who put make up on in the rearview mirror and swerve into your lane because watching the road is secondary to making sure they get that perfect full-lipped look with their cherry red lipstick. Those people are shitty drivers and should have their cars and licenses immediately taken away. And the cars sold for cash and the cash given to ME.


Jason said...

Hi. I got your email regarding the PSP and I thought it would be a great subject for this Friday's blog. Come back and check it out.

Take Care and don't get too much sun

Robert said...

I read about a woman who got pulled over by a cop because she was swerving. He said she had her arms through the steering wheel trying to put on a pair of panty hose.

And who would have thought that innocent little girl in the picture would have turned out like she did.

Bob said...

Thank you, dear AMG, for stopping by my blog today. We love AMG!

(I could go on, but I might be accused of

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I cannot appreciate this post as I cannot drive.
(I know, I know.)

I am however learning at the moment (I mean if all these other people are doing it, how hard can it be?) and I would say that reading this post has made that job harder.
I mean the scariest thing I've found about learning to drive is realising that, for my own safety, I must DEPEND on everyone else to be good drivers!!!???!!!

Like, what's that about? I have to TRUST that the guy (Or girl) behind me will stop in time?

I need to DEPEND that the girl (or guy) coming towards me will yield right of way?

I find that hard.
I have dependency issues.

And then I read this and find out (For the first time!) that there are bad drivers out there? What the-

Ah jeez, now what am I goona do?

Maybe this is just a mid-west phenomenon?


Anonymous said...

P.S. You changed the photo!
Did people "obsessing" over said photo's cute-ness motivate the change? Did it worry you a little?
I understand.

Aww, the new one is still cute, a different kind of cute for sure but still so cute.
From such acorns does great anonymity grow...


Anonymous said...

P.P.S. Hey, "obsessive Bob",

I have a challenge for ya:
Could you go hmmm, let's say 3 days without even peeking at AMG's blog?
Could you go AMG cold turkey?

(Not that we all didn't during the infamous South by Southwest sojurn. I'm still bitter.)


lindsey said...

I totally agree. It's obviously because of those other assholes that I've been in like 15 accidents. If everyone would just stop and watch what I'm doing, we'd all be a lot happier.

Anonymous Midwest Girl said...

Anon, the obsessing didn't worry me at all. I absolutely encourage it. I just wanted everyone to realize that I've been pretty adorable for a long time. Since birth, really. If you don't count the years from 7 to 16, when I alternately had a super short horrible hair cut, giant glasses, and/or braces. But other than that...

scott c said...

"Pretty adorable for a long time?"

Spending too much time somewhere? (Like that's possible!)


Anonymous said...

Okay, I ahve no idea what Scott C means by that so I ma just going to pretend it is not there.

AMG encourages obsessing. Well, I can see where the need for anonymity came from.

But yes you have been adorable for a long time. Not counting the period from 7 to 16 but hey, who was adorable then?


Anonymous said...

P.S. That's a rhetorical question.

Anonymous said...