Thursday, June 09, 2005


While Monday's repost was a good reflection of my deep-seated distrust of technology, I would like to point out that I am kicking the crap out of said technology at this point.

Repost comments: 4
scott c intro comments: 6

I'm not one for tooting my own horn (not flexible enough anymore), but I've received 1.5 times the comments that AMG's getting for posts that she's already posted and everyone has already read... *Finds a 28 story high window.*

On to brighter topics, this is the part of the show where I take time to answer some (or all) of my 6 (SIX COMMENTS!!1!!!!!) comments that you, the ever devoted reader have posted. I call this segment BEST OF AMG MAIL BAG! [Cue Herb Alpert-Arranged Theme Song]

(They are categorized by topic.)
"Reruns suck"-comments: 2
Yes, Reruns suck. It was all a funny joke between AMG and myself that we probably should have kept to ourselves. I saw this Seinfeld rerun the other night that I laughed my ass off at. This is kind of like that, right?

"Reruns are better than Reality TV"-comments: 1
I'm assuming you mean back in the day when Survivor was the Sheeezy, so I take this as huge compliment. Though I'm not all that surprised.

Random Swearing comments: 1
That was awesome. "Donkey-r**ing-s**t-eaters" has made my vernacular.

"AMG is less than anonymous" comments: 1
AMG is much like The DaVinci Code... I'll wait for the video to come out.

*Rimshot with Thunderous Laughter and/or applause*

Seriously folks, seriously. She claims anonymity, but the clues are out there. Much like... The DaVinci Code... (Besides, how "anonymous" can one be when she changes her profile pic every other day?)

Promise of "lusty passions" from AMG: 1
Why do you think I'm doing this! (Actually, I never even thought of that... God, I'm a loser.)

So ends this session of AMG Best of Mail Bag, I leave you with this diamond in the rough from February 11, 2005: My Own Piece of Nazi Propaganda.

WARNING: You will probably feel guilty for laughing at most of this post. I know I did.


King Nate Unknown said...'s just a car. And a 1.8T needs a chip for performance othewise it makes a unimpressive 150hp. Don't take on any BMW's just yet.

Anonymous said...

My God, I'm not laughing. Why are you so arrogant that you think people want to read what you posted only a few months ago AGAIN? Are you running out of shit to say?

Aaron the Truck Driver said...

Why dosnt AMG evr rply to cmmts?

Anonymous said...

Too vain. She's only interested in herself and is so glad you are, too.