Friday, June 10, 2005


Now in all my time of knowing AMG, I have experienced first hand her impressive, immense sense of humor. There have been times that I have literally been rolling on the floor laughing at some of the jokes she tells.

Actually she sucks at telling jokes. Much like I do. I think it comes down to not knowing what exactly makes a joke funny, so instead we try to tell a joke word for word, stammering and stuttering when we miss a single word. Somehow it's not enjoyable.

But the fact that she knows she tells horrible jokes that makes AMG the charming, adorable writer that all of you keep coming back to visit. You even visit when you know she'll be out of town, and some hack with a keyboard writes up drivel that actually sucks. A Lot. That's how GREAT she is.

God, I admire AMG.


(Today's repost for everyone's immense enjoyment and wonder: Worst. Joke. Ever.)


Anonymous Midwest Girl said...

Hey, if anyone is still reading this, I'm in Italy right now with 1 minute exactly to shoot ya'll a's been an amazing trip and damn, do I have stories. And pictures. Lots of pictures. And wine. Lots of wine. Which I will try to drink before I post to make it more interesting.

Kitsune said...

Post the wine and drink the pictures! Another round for all!

drobby said...

AMG, have fun. I'm going to Italy next week. Well, actually not, I just like telling people I go to cool places for vacation. Last year, I went to New Zealand.

SC, can't take credit for the donkey-etc insult -- it was borrowed from the South Park movie.

Anonymous said...

It's cooler that she's gone so she's not around to brag about herself. She authors one of the most vain and "look at me" blogs I've ever read. She's a spoiled brat.

Kitsune said...

Then why do you read it?

MrCorey said...

Heh. Thats one of the reasons that I come here.

scott c said...


And I thought I was being anonymously hated on.

I can sleep now.

marybishop said...

AMG - I think you rock!

Hissssssssss to the flamer.