Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Answer: Very.

How lazy do I have to be that I am eating an extremely crappy $1.50 frozen pizza out of the breakroom vending machine for lunch, instead of getting off my ass, walking to my car, and driving three minutes to any one of the myriad of fast food restaurants within blocks of my work and having actual food (or as close to food as one can get from Burger King) for lunch?


Justice said...

Hey, we all have days like that. Sometimes nothing seems right when it comes time to eat, so we grab the thing that happens to be closest.

Anonymous said...

There's just no incentive.
It would cost more money.
It would take time.
It would require effort.

No, no, I'll sit right here and eat this (Grimace) pizza.

What it says on my calendar today:

"God provides food for the birds but he doesn't throw it into their nest."

Stupid calendar.


x said...

No comment on the lazy; I'm no better, but yup, vending machine pizza: that's gross.

Chixulub said...

You are not alone. You are really not alone.

Anonymous said...

LOL- and here I thought I taught you to fend for yourself when I was laying on the couch and telling you to go fetch my stuff 'cuz *I* was too lazy to go get it!

If I'da known you were doing that, I woulda called you at work to meet at the G'fathers- I was just there yesterday and thought of you!

The Lazy Iguana said...

I keep frozen food in the breakroom freezer. When I tried to keep it in the breakroom toater oven the fire alarm went off.

I need to meet you someplace and we can have a "lazy off" contest. The winner can get something cool, like a new recliner. Or maybe a robotic fridge that brings you stuff on demand.