Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The Catcher and the Rizzle

From a random blog I came across:

"Yo wat up. I got da blog up n runin n here I go. I thot mebe I'd rite bout skool n stuf n tings like dat. Waddya tink? I rrrrrrreally dun wanna go to skool in da morn, but dey (my rents) make me. I wanna say wat up to all my frrrrrrriends and homies who get down n reed dis blog, make shure ya comment and she-yit. Dose of ya dat do are kooooooool. Peace, Luv, and Tru Dat. Out."

To be honest, I didn't know what I was reading. Was this the work of the uneducated? Is this the written form of ebonics? Is this a foreign language altogether? The author was a 14-year old girl (white, of course) and I am really not sure (shure) if some of the things (tings) she wrote were misspelled or if they (dey) are true (tru) slang words. Is "reed" the latest thing? "Wat up" was around when I was in high school, but "rite"? Peace, Luv, and Tru Dat, homies. I'm out.

Another one! This one I saved the link for. Check it out!

Roxy's Blog

"um.jus started ta blog.sho still tryin ta mk it look betterr.um.sianns worr.dis few daes like mani ppl no mood no mood de norr.i thk mos of us started ta feel da stress liao bahh.sho jus hope we can all tahan thru dis -blue period-.hahas."

Wow (I could stop there, cause that pretty much sums it up, but ha! No! I'm going to keep going!). That's even worse. With this one I actually only understood two sentences (can you even call them sentences without proper punctuation and no capital letters?). Other than that, no clue. I am just obviously not cool enough to understand the lingo of those young 'uns nowadays. I'm going to go call Happy Meadows Retirement Community and reserve my spot now.


Eve said...

I think it's sort of cool. It takes a lot of energy to remind yourself to write shure rather than sure etc. I wonder if she writes essays like that... like "Da Catcherrrr in Da Rizzle" or "Of Mices N Thugs Y'all" and other assorted gangsterisms. you should post her URL so we can all have a looksee.

Bittergrrl said...

Clearly I should have kept my Secret Decoder Ring for situations like these. Or a pocket Rosetta Stone.

Very clever blog you have here! I like it so much that I've linked to you, despite the fact that negates any opportunity I have to plagarize some of your ideas and post them on my blog, to the accolades of all. *sigh*


Anonymous Midwest Girl said...

LOL, Eve, that's great! God, I wanted to include the URL but I can't find it again. I just randomly browse blogs by clicking "Next Blog", and copied the paragraph, but accidentally closed out the browser window. I check my history but can't find it. I suck. :( BUT I did find another, equally well written one that I'm adding to the post. We are a country of geniuses.

Anonymous Midwest Girl said...

Sweetlethe, thanks! :)

Ryan said...

You are very cool for writing in English. Why would you change every word? It doesn't make sense! It's just as easy to type in the dictionary form as opposed to a scary phonetic form.

Thanks for writing in English. You rokk!


Eve said...

Oh man, never "next blog" it. Once I was directed to a Spanish blog about abortions, with like the biggest wallpaper sized pictures I have ever seen. I was choking on my chicken salad sandwhich let me tell you. But it taught me a valuable lesson.


Concerning the interesting writing styles our younger blogsisters seem to have picked up, I have a theory: I know that a lot of the newer high school teachers are trying to be "hep" and get their students into web programming early on, so are requiring students to start blogs. That writing you enountered could very well be code, like the new, sexy, more dangerous pig latin or something.

Kawamoto said...

I agree with "Ryan," because, well, I'm his friend, but I think that's the reason I avoid so many online forums/'blogs/etc. is the use of non-English. Yay for proper English and grammar. BTW, I like your 'blog.

Robert said...

Naw, you just need to brush up on your ebonics: