Saturday, January 22, 2005

Creepy, Sad Story

Off of the humorous stuff for a second...

A couple weeks ago there was a story in the local news about a young couple who disappeared during a blizzard. For some reason, they had driven out of the city into the country, and apparently their truck got stuck. They left the truck and wandered around a gravel pit for four hours. During those four hours, they made 20-some calls to 911 trying to get help, but the couple kept telling the dispatchers that they were 40 minutes from where they really were. Because they couldn't tell the dispatchers where they were (at this point no one knew why), the rescuers never found them, and their bodies were found shortly thereafter.

On Friday, a press release came out that said that the couple was high on meth and some other drugs. They also released transcripts of some of the 911 calls and audio of some of the calls. At one point, they told the dispatcher that there were 200 people (specifically, African-Americans and Hispanics in cult clothes) in their apartment complex parking lot taking apart cars and putting the pieces in trees. Another time they said that there were dozens of people on a pond but they wouldn't help them because they couldn't speak English. They would would give their location as being in the middle of the city, but in the next sentence say that they were at a gravel pit with no buildings nearby. After reading the transcripts, I was so frustrated and angry and creeped out.

It was really frustrating to read because the dispatchers kept getting clues to where the couple was, but then the couple would go off on one of their rants again and the trail would be lost. You wanted to just yell at them and get them to make sense because you know with one or two more pieces of information they would have been found. The transcripts make very weird, creepy, and sad, but I can't stop reading them - morbid curiosity I guess. You can find more on the story here:

"911 Calls Reveal the Final Confusing Hours" (includes link to audio)
"Couple That Died In Snow Were Steps Ahead of Rescue"