Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Girl Scout Cookies = Guilt Trip

Yessir, it's that time of year again. The time when streets are lined with small girls in their little green uniforms, their young faces permanently stuck in the "I'm-adorable-so-please-buy-cookies-from-ME-and-not-any-of-the-other-little-girls-that-come-by" face that was so painstakingly ingrained into their minds by their parents. "Now, Jill, listen to me. Smile a little more. Okay, now tilt your head to the left - the LEFT, damnit. Jill, do you want that merit badge or not? You're going to have to work with me here! Okay, let's try again...look up through your eyelashes and give me half-smile number three like we practiced. NO! That's it. I give up. You're going no where. You'll never sell your quota of cookies. We're done here. I'm going to adopt an adorable little girl from Russia who will TRY. She'll earn that badge, unlike you. You're on your own here." Because you know the kids' don't care. They want to eat the cookies, not sell them.

So there are at least five people in my office selling these darn things. This year I made the mistake of buying eight (8) (ate) boxes of cookies from one person instead of spreading my consumer spending power around. So I've made four lifetime enemies. Who are blaming me for single-handedly ruining their daughters' careers as Girl Scouts and thus, their lives. Because apparently that's the kind of thing Harvard looks for on college applications - "Earned cookie-selling merit badge at age six? My god, get this girl a full-ride scholarship! Offer her anything she wants!"

This brings me to a question. How many people have actually bought Girl Scout cookies from an actual Girl Scout? I never have. Just from overzealous parents.

Here's a funny little article about cookie-selling in the workplace.

Girl Scout Cookies and Office Politics


Bittergrrl said...

Hey! How long have these people been spying on my office?

Evil Cymbal Monkey said...

I just made that same "Girl Scout cookie/ office
politics" mistake (i.e., not spreading my consumer spending power around). I'm glad someone understands my pain.

Thanks for dropping by my blog. Yours rocks!

)(-_-)(Dust Worm )(-_-)(--> Michal said...

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Shaft said...

I just got muscled into buying candy and Girl Scout cookies today. Oh the frowns I got from others selling them when they found out I had already purchased some from someone else.

cammie said...

my advice to everyone...just lie and say you already bought some.

Geez said...

Interesting FYI: Turns out that the name discrepancy (Trefoils v. Shortbread, Tag-A-Longs v. Peanut Butter Patties, Samoas v. Caramel Delights, Thin Mints v. Um, Thin Mints) is not due to progressive name change as I originally thought. There are two companies that make the cookies and then supply the those plucky lil' Scouts. They just use different names. I suppose it's regional. Imagine the bidding war for supplying those goodies, a fortune--get yer girl some bling with that cash for sho'. Just thought you might like to know what you're up against.

You seem to be a "View Next Blog" type person. Me too. I will return the favor by posting my site just like the dozens of other sycophants. The site is dope--yet another way to halve my production at work.