Sunday, January 30, 2005

I'm Like Martha Stewart, Bitch.

I had a very productive Sunday today! Today, I:

1. Had a nutritious breakfast.*
2. Worked out.**
3. Cleaned the house. ***
4. Did laundry.****
5. Went grocery shopping.*****
6. Had a nutritious lunch.******
7. Drank the recommended eight glasses of water a day.*******
8. Ended world huger.********
9. Made a delicious, nutritious, home-cooked, three-course meal for my boyfriend and I that was waiting for him, hot on the table, when he got home from work.*********
10. Had fantastic, mind blowing sex.**********
11. Went to sleep early.***********

*Ate an ice cream sandwich.
**Sat on my ass and watched TV.
***Thought about cleaning the house, but really played a video game for six hours.
****Actually did start a load. But it's still sitting there in the washing machine, growing hard and moldy as we speak (or rather, as I write).
*****Realized I had no food in the house, contemplated going to the grocery store, but decided to play my video game some more.
******Since I didn't go grocery shopping, ate a piece of stale bread with maple syrup and some M&Ms I found under the couch.
*******Drank ten Mountain Dews.
********Really did that, but lost my notes.
*********Ordered a pizza for delivery.
**********Fell asleep while watching T.V.
***********See note for **********.


cammie said...

I cannot believe that there is actually a person out there who did the exact same thing i did today! Which video game are you addicted to?

Anonymous said...

Oh, god, the list could go on! I'm actually kind of embarrassed to say it, because right now I'm playing Kingdom Hearts, which I have been made fun of for several times. I beat it when it first came out, but dusted it off to play again the other day.

BTW, I could have written your profile myself. A little scary.

cammie said...

well my addiction is halo 2....and yes...i am looking for a 12 step program.

Anonymous Midwest Girl said...

Yeah, awesome game. Have you played Half Life 2? That's another sweet one.

Robert said...

Halo 2 is definitely one of my time wasters. I just really get a kick out of those double machine guns. I made it through on the normal setting. Now I trying on the next one up. Never tried it "live" or networked though.