Friday, January 21, 2005

Police Encounters

These are real quotes said by real college students from a mediocre website ( with one great, redeeming page - the quotes page. Students from around the country submit dumb and/or funny things that their friends have. The greatest part about it is reading and thinking, "Wow...that sounds like something (insert name of dumb friend here) would say!"

College Humor Quotes

These are some of my favorites from the Police Encounters section:

Cop: Do you have ID son?
JN: Nope.
Cop: No wallet or driver's license?
JN: Nope.
Cop: Okay empty your pockets. What is this?? A wallet?! I THOUGHT YOU DIDN'T HAVE YOUR LICENSE.
JN: Ohhhh, yes. I definitely lied to you.

Police officer: Get out of the truck.
Amy: I am WAY to drunk for that, you get in.

Police officer: You boys sit tight until my backup comes.
(5 minutes pass)
Trevor: Excuse me officer, but would it be against protocol for us to drink as many as we can before he gets here?
Police officer: You know, for having the pair to ask that, go ahead and shotgun as many as you can.
Andy: Can I grab a couple too then?

Police officer: You have two options—you can dump out your drinks and go, or I can write you a ticket and THEN you can dump out your drinks and go.
Josh: Could you explain option #1 in more detail? YOU GUYS! Listen up!! I wanna make sure we're not committing to something too early.

Police officer: How much you been drinking tonight son?
Stew: Well, I only had a few....Shit I almost walked into that one.