Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Cold + Snow + Pebbles + Dings = $200

Fact: It often gets very cold in Nebraska.

Fact: When it gets very cold in Nebraska, and the wind patterns and moisture in the air converge in just the right way, sometimes it snows.

Fact: When it snows, the streets can become quite slippery.

Fact: When the streets become slippery, snow crews drive around the city and dump large quantities of sand in the streets.

Fact: Sometimes this sand isn't just sand, but includes gravel and pebbles.

Fact: When someone drives over this sand/gravel/pebble mixture, rocks can fly out from under their tires and hit the car behind them.

Fact: This happened to me and I. HAVE. A. DING. IN. MY. NEW. CAR. (!)

Fact: If I were to get it professionally fixed, it would cost $200. To fix a ding the size of a raisin. A small raisin.

Fact: When I went to Carstar Collision Center to see how much it would cost to fix it, the nice, nice lady at the desk gave me a free bottle of touch up paint to fix it. I love nice people.

But I hate pebbles.


The Author said...

At least you car's cherry was taken quickly.

I drove my brand new (to me) car for almost 2 years without getting so much as a small ding in the fender.

Then, some asshole hit me with a shopping cart when I was in getting groceries. If I ever find him I'm pretty sure I'll cut his nuts off with a coping saw (see how he copes with that... he he).

echrai said...

See, this is a lesson that you're too immersed in your material possessions. You should give them all to me. You can have a handful of cheap broken flowers so you can wave them at people in the airports and some colorful strips of fabric for you to wear. With finger cymbals. Then you can join the cult of poor but happy people known as the Wirs Uch Suckers.

exile said...

hmm... a cult. well, i do hate pebbles, where do i sign?

NJ said...

I just drive a completely crappy truck, I had a girl back into me and I told her not to worry about it. Actually I just couldn't tell which damage was hers.

James Dziezynski said...
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James Dziezynski said...

Dang I just posted about your fair Nebraska--that manure fire was really amazing!

Robert said...

Sounds like a tourist brochure in the making.

Nebraska! Come for the Cook's ham butt. Stay for the smoldering manure mountain.The steam coming off the mountain is a nice touch too.

Anonymous said...

So you hate pebbles, eh? How do you feel about Bam-Bam then?



Walking Wounded said...

Jeez, that's a buzz kill. Well, I have lots to look forward to when I experience my first Lincoln winter later this year.

I had a bad experience with my new truck when I was at Uni. I ended up having a pebble fly up on the windshield driving around campus that caused a spider crack. My insurance had glass coverage so I thought cool beans. The next day after I had the windshield replaced, another pebble caused another "chip" in the windshield but it wasn't as bad as the first.

I guess for me my bad luck is with windshields. I never get dings in the paint, thank God! :)

Walking Wounded said...

Wow, burning piles of shit too!!! Man, I thought Nebraska was going to be boring as hell for me but it seems the shit really hits the fan, er, fire in corn country. Well, at least they extinguished the fire before I arrive! LOL

exile said...

kudos on the lame flintstones joke.