Friday, April 08, 2005


As all of the brilliant posts that I have in mind to write today require my laptop because they include pictorial goodness, and I'm at work at the park (of course I'm not at work doing un-work related things, that would be very, very wrong.) without access to my laptop, I will instead amuse you with linky fun.

Wow...I never knew Terry Shaivo was such a hottie!

Awesome movie trailer for Richard Linklater's new movie, "A Scanner Darkly." I don't like Keanu Reeves, I don't like Robert Downey, Jr., I don't like Winona Ryder, and I don't even particularly like Woody Harrelson, yet this movie looks very cool.

So...the Pope is dead. We need a new Pope. Want the job?

This page cannot get laid. Try to hit on the "Refresh" button, or try again later after this Web site is drunk.

Willy Warmers. Please. Just tell me this is a joke and I will be able to close my eyes again. As it is now, I will never be able to go to sleep again.

Under Ease. "Revolutionary New Underwear For Offensive Gas - A Real Product for a Real Problem." See comment for "Willy Warmers."

Tricks of the Trade. Professional secrets from those in the know! For instance: To chill a bottle of white wine quickly, put the bottle in a bucket with ice, water and a large handful of salt. The salt reduces the freezing point of water and will allow it to become superchilled, which will in turn chill the bottle of wine in six minutes flat.


scott c said...

Yessssssss. first comment.

HOW CAN YOU DISLIKE WINONA RYDER!? She soooo cute and felonious! She's like the coked-out pixie of my heart!

That movie's going to be sweet. Linklater roxxx ballz.

The Author said...

Mmmmmm new picture....!

Anonymous said...


I want to comment on your funny links, I really do. I mean, I have clicked on every one and enjoyed all of them.
The trailer looks great, the Pope thing is very funny and the trade tricks are frankly brilliant and that is about all I am gonna say on the matter.

The thing is, I don't like to, I don't want to comment on your photo. To me, it would seem to cheapen what I say here, kinda like I visit your blog not so much to read the content but because you are a hottie but frankly, that job is now too hard.

Your new picture is SOOOOOO cute. I wanted to look at the links but my eyes kept being drawn to the side and that picture of you in GUTN TAG (I assume) looking SOOOOOO cute.
You are a cutie.

Okay, I have officilly cheapened myself.
I feel dirty.
But good too.


Oh look, the Boutros has a new photo too. Not AS cute...