Friday, April 01, 2005

Look Behind You! Quick!*

Happy April Fool's Day! The day of fun and tom foolery! (Do you think there is anyone that actually has that name? ...okay, now I have to go look. Oh, there are! Two of them! Hehe. That's funny. And this shows that I might be amused a tad to easily.)

If my attention span last longer than a few minutes, then I may post throughout the day and add online April Fool's jokes as I find them. If not, you will have to be content with just these ones.

Google: Google Gulp (BETA) with Auto-Drink (LIMITED RELEASE)

iPoo News Release Multiple. This site has a different joke every time you visit. You could see a screen that shows you signed in as Drew, (the revered creator and moderator of Fark) and provides a list of actions you can perform as him. It also might show a fake contract. Or it might show something else. I haven't had time to look at them all, okay? Get off my back about it. Jesus.

Maxim: Martha Stewart is "Girlfriend of the Day." At least I hope this one's a joke. SoundWave Technology. Get it? No? It's human speech, dumbass.

That Iraqi WMD thing? That was a prank by the President! He's great! Haha, that man! He had us all fooled! Oh, wait...never mind. I guess the story that the WMDs were a joke is a joke. He really is an idiot.

Motley Fool: FOOLottery.

Wooj: Site Shut Down by Department of Homeland Security.

ThinkGeek: Everything. My favorites: iCopulate, the gizmo that allows direct data transfer from iPod to iPod! Fundue, the world's first desktop USB fondue set, and SkyTag Green Laser Aircraft Tracker - finally, a use for that green laser you've been hanging onto!

MobileMusicBlog: iTunes Phone.

PodGear: PodShave. Okay, really folks...enough with the iPod ripoffs. Seriously. Linux Signs Paris Hilton as New Spokeswoman.

Scientific American: We Give Up.

SC Magazine: Lethal Computer Virus Spreads to Humans.

And that's all for now...maybe ever. I found a couple others but they weren't funny. And if I don't think they're funny, than that should be good enough for everyone else to know that they weren't funny. Because I know funny. And they weren't.

* Ha! Ha! Gotcha. There's nothing there. It's just an April Fool's Joke!


Kitsune said...

You missed the Oijii Board (*presses the "what the hell" button*) prank that a few newpaper/web-comic artists pulled off. I'd type all the links again but I'll be lazy and just throw up a link to my blog.

Anonymous said...

There just had to be a few Thomas Foolerys hanging about, otherwise our world wouldn't be quite our world.

That reminded me of when I went to the cemetery and saw that in the Braine family plot they actually had a relative named Byrd. Now what kind of parents do that to a child?? LOL


BKing said...

NASA also provided us with visual proof of water on Mars.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

D. H. said...

It's funny how some everyday happenings feed those hungry for humor. I personally love reading the titles of articles in publications and quite often find myself wondering just what the heck the article had to do with the title...

One of my favorites is "Seven foot doctors sue hospital..."

I guess that's why they call the title the "hook" sometimes.


The world as we see it

Lord Chimmy said...

Shoot...I'd be Martha's boy-toy.

The Author said...

AMG! A new picture! Despite your "slip" to #2 on my list, you're still #1 in my heart.

Walking Wounded said...

Hey, like the new pic in your profile! Damn, too bad you are taken, but usually all the good ones are. ;) April Fool's Day should be a federal holiday. Imagine the level of pranks we could muster if we had the day off...