Tuesday, April 26, 2005

No Puedo Pensar Más

Just got home from my Spanish final.

My head hurts.

As far as how I did: Eh. Could go either way. Three-fourths of it was surprisingly easy, but the last page was a paragraph* in Spanish where we had to fill in missing phrases. That was painful. Usually those are easy, but I think the professor lifted the paragraph from Spanish 12**, forgetting that we are merely in Spanish 2***, because I couldn't translate half of it, much less know what I was supposed to fill in (there wasn't a list of phrases to choose from, which would have made it immensely easier, which I suppose was the point of having no list****). So I pretty much bombed that part.

However, since I think I did pretty good on the rest of it, I may have come out even.

So thus ends my second lame post in less than 24 hours, but now I have the whole summer off, so when I'm not laying out I will of course be devoting all of my time to thinking of kick butt blog entries. And drinking piña coladas with Jorge, my new pool boy.

* That doesn't sound like much, but it was a LONG paragraph. More like five paragraphs put together, really.
** Español Doce.
***Español Dos.
****This originally said "...which I suppose was the point of the lack of list," which sounds funnier, but also sounds grammatically wrong for some reason. This could be because I only have four brain cells left to devote to the English language, and they are all thinking about going out for CERVEZA, or "beer" for you non-dual-language-speakers.


The Muse said...

At least its over. Just don't turn your stress-release cerveza into a 3-day bender like me. Unless there's a cute boy on the other end of your hangover.

Brad said...

wear sunscreen

The Author said...

Wear ONLY sunscreen. F the bathing suit, the midwest needs better scenery anyway.

Anonymous said...

Awww, I am sure it wasn't that bad!!
I'm sure you are exxagerating how bad it was. I anticiapte a pass with flying colours.


P.S. So you're taking on Jorge? I guess we have a deal...