Thursday, April 21, 2005

This Doesn't Happen Often, So Enjoy It.

I want to publicly apologize to my boyfriend. (Who will henceforth be known as AMB: Anonymous Midwest Boyfriend.)

Recently, he went out of town and I let him take my Sony DSC P100 5.1 Megapixel digital camera with him. Which, on the last day, he lost at a bar. I was (at the time understandably) a little upset. I LOVE that camera. I had taken many a fantastic picture with that camera. And it was gone. Lost in a drunken haze. It had previously been dunked in beer in a drunken haze (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE), but it came through like a champ after a good cleaning courtesy of the Best Buy dudes (who were kind enough to leave pictures of themselves on the memory card, as you can see here):

However, I now realize that he did it completely on purpose and probably even planned to do it in order to make my life much, much better.

Because, as a replacement, he bought me this beauty, the P200 (note the emphasis on the "200"):

Oh, yes. That is what you think it is. 7.2 megapixels of picture goodness. A huge 2.0" LCD viewing screen. SO PRETTY! The images that I thought were amazing before with my old camera now look like nothing but pictures taken by a four year old with a disposable camera indoors without a flash.

So, AMB, I am sorry that I was upset about losing my camera. I realize now you did it all for me. You are a wonderful, wonderful person.


Geekbird said...

if he drives your car, you should say your upset with the way he drives it...maybe he'll buy you a tank for your forgiveness

Bob said...


I think you've got a keeper there, AMG.

And as for AMB.......what a fortunate be the apple of AMG's eye....don't blow it, dude. (Something tells me you're not gonna....)

AMG RULZ!!!!!!!!!!!

Your blog friend,


Anonymous said...

Aw man, why can't I get a girlfriend like that?

If my girl did something like that she would just come dressed in mini-skirt and boots and look up at me through those adorable eyes and say something like "Are you mad at me?" after which I would, of course, not be mad at her.

She would then probably tell me she was gonna make it up to me tonight and, I have to say, that would sooth the immediate pain but two weeks later that night is in the past and I'm without a camera.

Does a girl (Like say AMG) go through the same?
Of course not.

If AMB tells her he will make it up to her tonight, she tells hime "You wish" and tells him there will be no making up for a very long time.
Hey presto! A new and imporoved camera appears.

It is a deeply unfair world we live in.
Thank God for small mercies like mini-skirts and boots...


Anonymous said...


Bob, we've had few laughs together, chats over the blogosphere about obsession and cold turkey, a few laughs through the internet about jokes and AMG and that's all well and good.

So I feel we're close enough (No really, that's close enough) to tell the truth.
I really have no problem with your obsessing, hey, if it's cool with AMG, who am I (but a fellow anonymous writer) to argue?

But the schmaltz on here makes me sick!
Ugh, hear-warming sincerity cannot be processed by my cynical heart and comes back as bile.
Please be less effusive in your outpourings in the future.
Thank you.


P.P.S. Let anonymous people comment on your blog!!!


Anonymous said...

P.P.P.S. I'm gonna buy a digital camera soon so is this the one I should go for? If AMG or anyone else has some suggestions of makes or even what to look out for I'd appreciate it.


The Author said...

On behalf of husbands and boyfriends everywhere...

AMG: You are so very deserving.

AMB: Thanks for making the rest of us look bad. Wanker.

Anonymous said...


I clicked back to the post and the pic of the dude has just appeared. They left a pic of themselves on there?
I don't know what's stranger; that they did that or that you kept it...


Anonymous Midwest Girl said...

Anon -

Yes, I would highly, highly recommend this camera. I loved its predecessor (the 5.2 MP P100) as well - they stopped making it since they came out with the P200, but if you can find it, it's slightly cheaper and awesome too.

I would recommend this site to check out reviews on these and any other camera you might be considering:

Reviews on the older P100 are here:

The reviews for the P200 aren't up yet, but you can check out the reviews for the P150, which is the slightly older version of the 7.1 MP camera. Differences between the 150 and the 200: larger LCD screen, slightly sleeker design, and the "Set Up" option has been moved from the dial to being available through the menu option.

There really isn't anything that I DON'T like about this camera, to tell you the truth. At least nothing I've found yet...

The Author said...

That's all fine and dandy, but when do we get to see an actual picture you've taken with it?

insomniantic said...

that's sweet* I mean - camera and boyfriend :)

sending well*wishes

sojourning crow said...

hey, i know him!! that's Steve from that hardware machine place....

you guys are really cute?? does it always get that cute the midwest?? do weather predict a stray front of cuteness moving down from Canada.
anyway, being from the cynical east coast i have to go get sick and find myself a goth chic.

keep on keepin' on, Anonymous Midwest Girl with an Anonymous Midwest Boy. I feel a sing-a-long coming on *hurl*

sending well*wishes

Walking Wounded said...


That's so pimp! AMB - kudos for steppin' up and taking care of your girl! Yeah, take some pictures with your new candid camera...


The Kraken said...

Damn, that's pretty nice. We have a Sony digital and I wouldn't think of getting any other brand. If my wife would let me spend money, I'd buy a new one (ours is three years old)

JRae said...

Oh MAN! I have the DSC P100!!! And now am very very jealous. I need optical zoom. >:(

Max said...

Well done AMB and that camera is pretty sweet. I'm in the market for one myself to smuggle into wedding dress stores so I can take illicit pix of myself in dresses that I try on.

But I digress, I was checking out that very model last week at Circuit City and based on your rave reviews I'm likely going to buy it.

Shamus O'Drunkahan said...

I thought you were going to say that you got the camera back but it was full of pictures of somebody's hairy butt. Because that happened to me. Never leave your camera lying around at a wedding reception. Lesson learned.

sojourning crow said...

shamus, thanks for the tip.

Anonymous said...

You are a spoiled, spoiled little Midwestern brat. One of the reasons the Midwest is so leavable.

Derek said...

I totally agree with this Butros character my girl sees this story and I am toast