Monday, May 09, 2005

At Least They Think I'm a Good Writer.

Hypothically speaking, how embarrassing would it be if your parents stumbled upon your blog on a day when your post included both the phrases "cock tease" and "hot monkey sex"?


Derek said...

I think it would be more embarrasing if said parent said Honey this is mom and your dad thinks I am a big cock tease do you have any suggestions or Honey this is dad your mom and I have been having hot Monkey sex but our sex swing broke so now we can't do it anymore

Bob said...

Depends on how old you are at the time.

And whether your folks are internet savvy.

And on whether they are secret hot monkey lovers themselves.
(The SNL bit where Laraine Newman says, "I want your hot monkey love" comes to mind here)

On the other hand, if that third one is true, and you're older than 21 and they're in their 50's or above..................


lindsey said...

i think my mom reads my blog. it's really funny, because she hasn't told me she's reading it (she thinks she's sneaky), but
1)she ALWAYS will casually bring up things i write about the day i write them,
2)anytime they even MENTION blogging on tv, she'll be like "did you see that thing about blogging?"
3)um, hi statcounter? ip address lookup? hi mom.
i don't really know how to deal with it though. i toned down my language, but i refuse to censor myself any farther.

The Ruler said...

This is God

I so cannot relate.

This was God

Paladin said...

God- I would just DIE!

GPV said...

Easy ways out:
1)-It's somebody else who looks like me.Awww c'mon Mom you know it can't be me.
2)-The guys at work,they forced me
to write that.
3)-It's a joke,Pa,I bet $50 with the guys you would say that.
4)-It's slang Ma!It means getting

Roonie said...

My mom would say, "Oh, Fayyyyyyyyyyyyza," and my dad would sit me down and tell me I'm a bad Muslim.

Bridget Unnel said...

I live in fear of it every day.

Elliot said...

I believe my parents would very concerned about what "hot monkey sex" might be.
There would then be a long conversation during which they would be confused (dad slightly less so).
To conclude I would then have to draw them a diagram to explain everything.
Which they wouldn't understand but say they did.