Tuesday, May 10, 2005

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things...

1. AMB. 'Nuff said or I'll get those "Awwww, that's so cute" comments and I'll have to puke.
2. My digital camera. I would make sweet, sweet love to it if it had any orifices and I had a penis.
3. My tiny, light, Daytimer-sized Sony Vaio laptop. Even though someone stepped on it and cracked the case slightly. Don't worry, you're still beautiful, darling!
4. My Zen Micro. When I can find the charger to plug it in. Which at the moment, I can't. WHERE THE HELL DID I LEAVE IT??
5. My gorgeous, gorgeous hunk of a car.
6. My BFF Wiske's cabin (specifically the dock where we lay out). Technically her husband's family's cabin, but since she's entitled to half his stuff now, it's close enough to being hers.
7. Punctuation (see tomorrow's post).
8. Backrubs. Or they would be if I ever got any. (Hint, hint to any boyfriend of mine who might happen to read this.)
9. Money. I know that's "technically" not apropos to say, but hey, I do love it, and I don't have enough of it, so whatever.
10. Ice cream/frozen yogurt. Specifically a Shiver from TCBY with white chocolate mousse and chocolate chip cookie dough.*

* Tied for list inclusion are my cat Harley; all the little notes and gifts that I have stashed away that AMB gave me when we first started dating; children (it's that maternal instinct thing, I love kids); shoes, especially strappy sandals; giving presents to people; being told "I love you"; Lean Cuisine Cafe Classics Pepperoni Pizza; diet Mountain Dew; space heaters; free stuff; the Crunchy Blue sushi at Blue's Sushi and Sake Bar; of course my parents and brother and sisters and relatives and friends, but that's kind of a given that transcends all other things, so I didn't feel the need to list them; the card game "May I?" which I KICK ASS at; nice hotels; the 4th of July; Oreo Cookies; road trips; and TiVo.


Anonymous Midwest Girl said...

Normally I don't do these "tag" things, but this one was easy and I also had nothing else to write about today. And Scott, I "tag" you so it's your turn to do this.

The Author said...

As usual AMG, you rock!

I love money too. We should find a way to get some more and then roll around naked in it.

The Ruler said...

This is God

AMG! Listen up: Awwww, that's so cute!


This was God

adrock2xander said...

Ehm you really wouldnt want to make love to a camera...i reckon it's gona hurt heaps...

Dave Morris said...

Wouldn't you eliminate a step toward making love to your digital camera if it just had a penis? You're already the girl. Of the anonymous midwest variety.

Have a good day!

Bob said...

...it's good to see that AMB is currently residing at #1 on your list..........just like IE would on any list I would come up with.


Rob said...

And following up on Dave's comment, if said camera happened to have a long zoom lens, wouldn't that suffice?

Anonymous said...

This is so good.

I am going to buy a digital camera based on AMG's recomendation and now I will buy one of a Zen Micro based on her research and retail experience.

Fabulous, I shall come here for all my shopping ideas from now on.

I either trust this girl based on her posts or I am far far too lazy.

I already have my Dell Inspiron 9100 though and that rules all but what make is that car again?


P.S. Nice hotels are nice...

Walking Wounded said...

Ha! #10 makes me wanna fall off the wagon and eat ice cream again. LOL


Nicki said...

I love money... and many of the other things you mentioned above.

Paladin said...

Hmm, an awful lot of material things there, Madonna! Where's the usual pap about kittens and rainbows??

pookie69 said...

AMG - anonymous material girl :)

Nah... who isn't totally stuck on material things? I've often tried to convince myself that i'm not, that somehow i'm 'better than that', but i'm not really :/... :)

BTW - does your car have a name? Mine's called Vanita - and i should really quit driving her around so much with the petrol light on :/

ty bluesmith said...

how are you about grammar?

Dillon said...

I love the DSC-P200 so much. Sony can have my firstborn for all the love they have given me. I got to spend this week's subway commutes watching episodes of Deadwood on my new PSP. Yep, Sony is love.

Blogbelle said...

I thought I knew computer love until I got an iBook. Now I truly know what it would be like to live in seclusion with just one object and be happy.