Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Good morning, Patient Reader! If you're reading this, that means you've made it this far into the Best of AMG series. Only 238 more days to go!

I chose this post because there is a very special occurance. The debut of the word "jerkface." I was not there when the word was first uttered, but I have, on occasion, faced the wrath of this awful word emitted from AMG's vocal cords.

"Jerkface" is, perhaps, one of the most perfect swears ever. It sounds childish enough that the target at first will not be offended, they will probably laugh at you. But once "Jerkface" gets under your skin, it really sticks with you. Anyone can be called a C****u**** or a *o***r****e* or even a ***t-fac** *o*kmas*er and in this obscene society, they will think nothing of it. Hit them with a "Jerkface" and they will be left with something to think about.

"Why wasn't I called a Mas***b****g M***e* *uck**? Is "Jerkface" worse?"

In best uses, the target head explodes within 13 hours. In worst uses, you get laughed/you get your ass kicked. (I mean "**s kicked." Damn! I mean...)

Enjoy: Hello, I'm STARVING Behind You!


drobby said...

I prefer calling people a**hats. Or donkey-r**ing-s**t-eaters. Or ************. Okay, I made that last one up.