Wednesday, June 08, 2005

REPOST: Hello, I'm STARVING Behind You!

Or, "How to irritate the holy crap out of me."

Bring ingredients to make your own burrito to work, with each ingredient in separate containers (no, it's not the Mexican food that irritates me...wait for it...). The proceed to use ALL OF THE MICROWAVES in the breakroom to warm up each ingredient separately. Tortilla in one, meat in another, refried beans in a third, and so on until each microwave is being used. NEVER MIND THE FIVE PEOPLE WAITING BEHIND YOU. We can wait until your burrito is cooked to perfection before we eat. Oh, you also brought rice as a side and you need to warm that up too? NO PROBLEM. Go right ahead. Eating is overrated, anyways. And of COURSE you need to assemble said burrito right in front of the microwaves so access is still denied to all others. OF COURSE. If you finally finish and you find nothing but skeletons behind you, kindly sweep us to the side so others don't have to suffer our same fate.



SirTalksALot said...

I need to incorporate Jerkface into my daily conversations more often. It does have a certain ring to it.

Carly said...

omg...why didn't you say something?? My sister would have marched up there and taken stuff out of all but one microwave and handed it back to JF with a smile and "here's your stuff". (This is why I bring her almost everywhere with me)