Friday, June 17, 2005

Darwin Proved Right Once Again

I'm going to say this as nicely as possible: Some people deserve to die.

"A man fell from a Seattle overpass early this morning onto Interstate 5 where he was hit by two vehicles and killed, police said.

The man, who has not been identified by investigators, and another man, age 31, had been drinking and were trying to see who could hang above the interstate from the Olive Way overpass the longest, Seattle police spokeswoman Debra Brown said."

More: Dangling game turns deadly on I-5


scott c said...

Umm, Am-G, I would just like to point out to your readers that Darwin's theories are just that. THEORIES.

Maybe this man was CREATED to do something like this by something greater than all of us.

You should consider ALL points of view next time.

Rob said...

Maybe Scott, but I think that deserves consideration for the 2005 Darwin Awards.

Rob said...

PS.. AMG - How's the World Beer Tour coming along? How many you at?

Matt said...

Jesus, I love it when people begin a statement with "Ummmm..." It's never not condscending. However, overpass dangle is a hella fun game made even better when you have people on the ground hurling stuff at you like tennis balls and water balloons.

Those Fear Factor harnesses are for pansies.

flyno20 said...

True Romance is dumb

REC said...

Has anyone stopped to consider that the guy was just a drunken idiot? I doubt the gene pool will suffer much with his passing.

R. U. Serious said...

In my old home town they had a rash of people getting on overpasses and threatening to jump, during rush hour. They'd close freeways and it was a mess.

I always said to tell them they had 5 minutes to either jump or get shot. I think that would have stopped the trend quickly.

Damned If I Know

Charlie Mc said...

I guess they've watched too much fear factor!!!!!!!!!

Walking Wounded said...

Scott c,

Actually, you information is out of date. Any college professor, even at the community college level, will tell you that the evolution is not a theory - it is a fact. The reason it is still called a theory is that the church still has much influence on our society, including academia.

I remember going to a creationist - evolutionist debate back in 1995. And for the first 1:45 of the two hour debate, it was real heated. But then a professor from Honolulu, finally dropped the bomb. Scientists finally were able to "observe" evolution take place. Granted over a period of several decades.

It had to relate to a species of butterfly in Hawaii that was being studied because it was endangered. Over a period of about seventy years the butterfly's mouth parts evolved to be able to feed on nectar from different flowering plants, because its original food source was dying off. This had been the first time scientists were able to actual observe an evolutionary change within a species. It also forced researchers to change their conventional thinking on evolution, notably the belief that it takes a really long time. Evolution is not a product of time but a product of number of generations in a species!

Alright, enough of being a nerd...


scott c said...


Never heard about the butterfly thing. Nice.

I guess there was a school district in Georgia that recently (last 5 weeks) had a law overturned that mandated a disclaimer ("evolution is a THEORY, blah, blah, blah") on science books. It caused an uproar in the county.

I get a huge kick out of the creationist... er... Intelligent Design crowd. Then I feel like my head is going to implode.

Robert said...

Actually, that doesn't prove evolution, only adaptation. It's not outside of Creationist theory to allow for adaptations. After all, it's still a butterfly.

As for the guy hanging off the overpass, it's possible that he already spawned offspring and his defective DNA has been passed on to another generation. His buddy is 31.

Walking Wounded said...


Adaptation deals mostly with behavior not physiological changes in anatomy over generations. In other words, if the butterflies learned to feed using the mouth parts they had that would be adaptation. However, over generations the physiology of the mouth parts actually changed to fit the new flower replacing the one dying off.

We are able to learn to type and type faster and faster using keyboards, speeding up data entry. This is a learned behavior. But if we were to grow an additional digit, for example another index finger, on both of our hands then that physiological change over generations is not adaptation. Mind you I am a few years removed from my developmental physiology days, but I think my memory is working (today at least).

Also, a much simpler thing to consider is that there would not have been as much buzz in the science world in '95 if this wasn't a bonafide example of evolution. I'm sure many scientists as well as the creationists would have considered what you have proposed in all likelihood.

I personally see evolution as a viable method for which a God would have tackled the creation of life on this planet. If indeed this is the case. Remember, any God represents an individual who has more knowledge and capabilities than we humans do, so his or her "design" would be infinitely complex. Frankly, during our recorded history we have made inroads, yes, but we are no where near as a society of thinking apes to fully understand this complex design of our biosphere. That's what makes the physical world so interesting to me. The more you have learned only reveals you have that much more to still learn.

Sorry to go on a rant but I am very passionate about subjects like these.


Walking Wounded said...

Ha, I just remember a lecture I had once. It was a comparative anatomy class if memory serves. He discussed dolphins, humans, and felines. Species known for generating complex vocal sounds and using them to communicate.

He said something very interesting about dolphins which has stuck in my head, which seems more food for thought regarding this subject. When compared to humans, dolphins have larger brains, a more complex vocabulary (they can create far more vocal sounds and patterns than we can with our vocal cords) and live and flourish in the aquatic biome which is larger than all the other four combined. Their social behavior is rather complex compared to other members of Delphinidae. Dolphins in captivity even masturbate, odd but true fact. The professor posed an interesting point. If dolphins were to develop appendages that even remotely resembled the human hand, their ability to manipulate their environment could rival that achieved by man.

what makes this more interesting is this. Humans are said to only use a small percentage of their brain capacity at any given moment. Dolphins use a higher percentage of their brain capacity and it is larger. It truly boggles my mind.


geezer squeezer! said...

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Anonymous said...

Wow, it's funny how pictures of London, which the crowd has been baying for, elicted like, 5 comments but the mention of "Darwin" got a conversation and a couple of long posts, 14 comments so far.


Just goes to show how emotive the eh "theory" still can be.
Even though I was quite clear Scott C's first post was joking.
Overpass dangler is part of no God's intelligent design.

Or maybe the design is just too intelligent for me to see it.

My head hurts.


Robert said...

A Lexus is a beautifully designed machine; however, it won't survive a fall off a cliff. Good design doesn't negate abuse.

The Author said...

I'm IN the Darwin Awards book!!!! Darwin Awards Book 3, page 126 - Miscredited as Andrew Butler (should be Butters) but never the less, I'm in there.

You can also find it HERE.

Yes, I'm famous.

SOOOOO good to have you back AMGB (see my BLOG COMMENTS for an explanation of your new name.

Sassan Sanei said...

Ah, creationism vs evolution. Mythology vs theory. Religion vs science.

No shortage of lively debate here!

So if God created everything, who created God?

Weary Hag said...

Holy crap did this one little post elicit much debate. I'm just poking my head in to say I thought this article was quite hysterical and cripes... we can only hope it didn't have a chance to breed.