Friday, June 17, 2005

Pictures Are Up!

Okay, well, the London pictures are up.

Actually, just some of the London pictures are up.

But the point is, I started.

Check them out at AMG Goes to Europe. They are all clickable thumbnails. And maybe if I get really ambitious I'll add comments so you know what they hell you're looking at.


Weeeeee! said...

Great picts! They brought back a lot of memories from my visit.

Mind the gap.

Lindsay said...

no way!
i'm going to london 6/22-27. my friend is going on business so i'm going and sharing her hotel room, but i'm going to have a lot of alone time during the day and i've never been there before. PLEASE give me ideas of what i should do.

oh and i don't have a place to stay the last night, do you know of any place decent but cheap to stay? let me know!

Anonymous said...

London = brilliant.

They do bring back the memories. London has played host to some good times, no?

But why no pictures of you in your natural mode; as shopper? In your natural habitat; the shops?

Oh and behind those gates is no palace, it's Downing Street!
Hence the real guards with the bullet proof vests and not the funny guys with the fluffy helmets.

You've whetted the appetite for more pictures, sort and post please!
(But no pressure obviously)


Sharron said...

Awesome! I'll head right over there.