Wednesday, June 15, 2005

It Was Just Like EuroTrip.*

First, a quick background on the trip that may or may not be relevant to this and future stories. I went as part of my little (by 8 years) sister's school group. There were about 60 students that went, along with 10 teachers and 6 of us "tagalongs" that weren't really chaperones but weren't students. Did I mention that my sister goes to the same all-girl's Catholic high school that I went to? So the 60 students were all girls (grrls for all you feminists out there, or people who just like to growl).

Traveling with 60 16, 17, and 18 year girls was an experience (NOT THAT KIND YOU DIRTY PERVS) that can be summed up in one word:


Oh, god. The complaining. The PMS. The cattiness. The bitching. The bitching about the bitching. The feeling that jumping from the Eiffel Tower seemed like a pretty good idea. The desperate plan to "accidentally" lose them on the London tube. MTV would have loved it.**

However, despite the homicidal mania, it was good times.

Like the time in London that we (all 70+ of us) were waiting outside our hotel with our luggage for the bus to come to take us to the train station so we could take the Eurostar to Paris.

We waited.

And waited.

And it never came.

So what was the logical thing to do? Apparently, it was to walk to the nearest Underground station and take the tube to the train.

All 70 of us.

With luggage.

It was brilliant.

* Except without the Worst Twins Ever. And the exchange rate worked against us. And there was no creepy Italian man on the train. There WAS a creepy Italian man, but not on the train. That story later.

** I do want to make it clear that I in no way include my Anonymous Midwest Sister in this category of girls, nor the lovely group that she hung out with (with the exception of Super Annoying Girl I Wanted to Kick). AMS is a great kid and I am SO glad that I got to share this experience with her!


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to here more stories and see some pics.

GQ1NYC said...

Look forward to the stories! 70+ wow that is scary.

Jelly said...

Eurotrip. Fabulous movie. Oh, here it is: Bratislava, capital of Slovakia. Here's a fun fact: you made out with your sister!

Umm... do they need more chaperones for next year? I'm a respectable guy. I could keep those girls in line.

Aurora said...

Wow! Europe! so lucky. I bet you had a blast. I am so dying to go. :) Thanks for dropping by my blog btw.

Ear Shot said...

525% increase. that is a lot.

Bill_00 said...

....don't suppose you visited Belfast....and if you did...why didn't you look me up!

LocuTus of Borg said...

That is a great story ... all girls - dang sorry I missed it! BTW You look absolutely fantastic! I love the photo in your previous blog and having clothes on just makes it more inticing :P

Kitsune said...

Did you pick up an accent or two while you were there? I know they try to stop those at the border. ;)

allison said...

I am starting to believe there is a correlation between "italian men" and "creepy". (I speak from personal experience, so don't be calling the Anti-Defamation Italian League on me, y'all.)

But yeah for Europe and sisterly bonding!

Walking Wounded said...

Wow! I loved the movie so the trip sounds like it was a blast sans the drama. Sorry to hear you had a run in with a creepy high-tie!


MrCorey said...

Welcome back to our side of the Atlantic. I haven't gone as far as AMG-land, let alone across that big puddle. Maybe someday I'll know the feeling you now have. :)

MorningRose said...

LMBO!!!!lol u r a true comedian, lol, umm anyways thanks for stoppin by my(as ppl like to call it)"cute"blog", lol!!!!!!
hope to talk to you soon, maybe? lol, S'LATER
(EUROTRIP:HILARIOUSE, lol the crazy guy on the train, LMAO,"exxcuse"lol!!!!i would luuurve to go to europe or the UK, lucky, although i might go to AUSTRALIA this summer or the next,*shrug* either way i cant wait!!!) lol last ,but DEFINITLEY not least, how come/do u get to go to all these awsome places?
S'later :D!!!!!!!!lol sorry for the long comment, i've been told i write vera vera long comments lolol!!!!

Anonymous said...

drama aside, that sounds like one HILARIOUS site to see and a hell of a good time.....cheers. ;)

BSC said...

Super Annoying Girl I Wanted to Kick - my wife speaks of this girl often. She must get around.