Saturday, July 09, 2005

Ass Ventura, Crack Detective

Porn (excuse me: erotic film noir) posters from the 60's and 70's, anyone? Yes? Okay!

This is one movie I DON'T want to see Jack Black in. (Alternate joke: Why wasn't my school this cool?)
The title is good, the picture is good, but the poetic tagline is what really makes this.
Why does that elephant look so happy??

The original Fem-Bots.
My favorite. So that's where KFC got that from...!
You can't have a collection of porn posters without Debbie!

The cleverness of this one lies in the title.
I feel it too!
The tagline is the best part of this one.

Wow, if that's what marriage is all about - orgies in the dark - sign me up!
Artistically, the best, but in terms of junvenille says "Erector." Hehe.
Do what? What do the girls do? I don't get it...?


OldHorsetailSnake said...

I have been looking and looking and cannot find a tape of "Debbie Does Houston." Do you suppose it's out of print?

Anonymous said...

They just don't make 'em like they used to.

Check out those tag-lines.
Today's ones are so lame in comparison.

Can you imagine "War of the Worlds" with that phrase on the poster; "They could do anything people could. Only longer and better."
Now I'd go see that!

Them were the days...


Chixulub said...

That's great stuff. You missed one of the best. Terry Southern (co-wrote the screenplay for 'Dr. Strangelove' and wrote such comic novels as 'The Magic Christian' and 'Flash and Filligree') did a spoof on Voltaire's 'Candide' called 'Candy.'

'Candy' was adapted badly for the screen in England, as was 'Magic Christian,' but years ago I saw a late 60s ro early 70s film that faithfully followed the book, made in America. As I recall, Southern got no credit but Voltaire did, so it was probably a nod to trying to gain the 'artistic merit' required by some of the quirky censorship laws of the time.

It's a great movie to show at a boozefest. Much lighter, funnier and more clever than, say, 'The Devil in Miss Jones' or 'Confessions of Sekka.' These were all titles in a friend's inheritance of his father's extensive stash of BetaMax porno.

The Ruler said...

This is God

Shame on you AMG. We had such high hopes for you. Alas...

This was God

The Lazy Iguana said...

The funniest porno title I ever saw was (I swear I am NOT making this up)

Indiana Joan And The Black Hole Of Mamoo.

I did not rent it. To this day I often wonder about the porno that got away..

scott c said...

"Sexually Handicapped by Order of the Courts."

Ah, sometimes art does imitate life.

Fred said...

Nothing like a few good porn posters to get me revved up for the day.

Walking Wounded said...

Looks like that elephant wants to take his tusks to tuna town! I love old movie posters and these are really trippy. It is true that some of the old school porn is the best.


habibi said...

"To him, every bed is a battlefield."


Man, that's awesome.

jamwall said...

these posters are so bad, they're beautiful!

Geez said...

Once again AMG, you have me believing that you're my sister-from-another-mother

Anonymous said...

Ass Ventura, Crack DECETIVE?

Is "Decetive" an arcane sexual practice of which I know nothing?

Does it involve horse balls?


S.Klassen said...

I thought Edward Dildo-Hands or Under the Rainbow were funny titles.

S.Klassen said...
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Chris F. said...

AMG!!!! You went away to Europe so innocent, so.....INNOCENT; but you came back so.....NOT INNOCENT! Yeowza!

Or is it just mating season, again?

Noone but AMBF will ever know. Alas...

Niccio Dartsmouth said...

damn now thats some old stuff. debbie does dallas?!? didn't she die? lol. nice one AMG

drobby said...

During or after the movie was filmed?
Dallas is a big town.

drobby said...

Oh, I forgot to add -- Ha, ha! AMG spelled something wrong! :)

Anonymous Midwest Girl said...

Okay, so I can't spell. But I'm cute and funny so it doesn't matter...right? Right? RIGHT?

exile said...

ahhhhh... the clasics

jamwall said...

great porno movie names (not that i've seen any of these films---i swear!!!):

1. "Glad-he-ate-her"
2. "Yank My Doodle, Its a Dandy"
3. "Forrest Hump"
4. "Good Will Humping"
5. "Sperms of Endearment"

Anonymous said...


You fixed the spelling!
That's cheating!
No fair.


Horsey said...

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