Wednesday, July 13, 2005

An Exchange of Humor for All the Jews Out There.

AMG: "So, is it cut?"
Scott C: "Yes. Oh, you mean my hair? Then no."


Mon said...

ugh! my ex wasn't. Jewish, or cut. GROSS! LOL!! (IMO)

Go Skins! said...

Woot! I always love it when this subject comes up... so to speak.

I never understood why some women think the uncut thingy-doohicky is ugly or gross. Have you ever taken a mirror to your own anatomy? Done any scratch n sniff after a long day at work lately?

Been with two natural guys... both were AWESOME in the sack :)

Amanda said...

i feel the need, as a fellow jew, to respond to this, but i have no experience with the uncut turtleneck variety of the male anatomy. now i don't know if i have been lucky or not. everything that i have come to know as true in this world is being challenged by the "go skins" comment...haha

julie said...

My dad wanted to comment on whether my nephew would or wouldn't be cut. He isn't. Nephew's dad is. My sister and brother in law welcomed debate.

So, I vote for "cut." My dad looks at me in horror. "Why? Why would you tell them to do that?"

"Because," I say, "otherwise, later in life, when he's getting it on, the poor girl will think she is f*cking a Sharpei."

My sister, the mother of the subject in question, chimes in, "And Jules should know...she's been with a ton of every kind there is!"

We're a close family.

Anonymous said...

lmao @ the cut joke!

Charlie Mc said...

cut all the way! Much more personality and character!

The Author said...

It's all about the cut baby!

habibi said...

But have you ever slept with a man who's uncut? SO MUCH BETTER. Oh yes. Uncut is sooooo underrated.

Walking Wounded said...

Actually, once it is erect you can't really tell the difference from cut and uncut. The foreskin naturally stretches back over the glans when erect. They just look really different when flaccid, I'll admit that much.

I think it is just a mental thing, really. I've seen many a squack and no two ever looked the same either, whether or not the floors were carpeted or hard wood.