Wednesday, September 07, 2005

AMG's Words That Sound (And Should Be) Dirty, But Aren't.


*Of course.

**Remember laughing about this in high school, and how there was always that one kid who accidentally mispronounced it and died of embarrassment, and there was also always that one kid who purposely mispronounced it for laughs despite the faked wrath of the teacher as she herself was trying not to laugh ?


The Everglades said...

My girlfriend and her friends hate the word "moist". So I say it as much as I can.


mwp said...

"Say Car Ramrod! Say Car Ramrod!"

Zepplinlady said...

I remember having to page someone over an intercom with the last name Dumas.(pronunced doomus)
Of course I said it too fast. Needless to say, he didn't like being called Dumb ass.

lefty_grrrl said...

A boy in one of my high school classes once said, "But I'm impotent," when the teacher asked him to answer a question.
We all laughed our asses off.

He turned bright red and looked to me. "What is the word I meant to say?"

I think you meant 'incompetent,'" I offered.

Which he was, of course.

exile said...

you left out titmouse


"and there was also always that one kid who purposely mispronounced it for laughs despite the faked wrath of the teacher as she herself was trying not to laugh ?"

Lol, that kid was me. I guess I enjoyed being the class clown. I still chuckle over stuff like that. I guess boys never do growup.

Osbasso said...

J.S. Bach's favorite type of composition--the "fugue".

Or that parsely-like spice known as "cumin".

Malia said...

Oh man, Kumquat, that is one I can't get over.

hyjmfwfs--Hurry your jammin' momma fell within feet sho'nuf!

Chixulub said...

Don't forget what Chuck would term 'euphemisms that just aren't.'

Ramming, slamming, pumping, nailing, jacking, or gusshing (two ss's in Lobster Land). These are things tha could mean reconstruction of New Orleans, or demands placed on a girl from an escort service...

Blonde said...

I love the word *moist*.


AlRo said...

More dirty words.

emancipation (never did that when i was young!)

dipstick: *raises hand* Have one!

one of my favorite phrases - that we all know:

Cunning array of stunts.
goop. (you can buy it at your local hardware store now just like "Crack Sealer")

Oh there are so many.

Nytro said...

yea.. i hate the word moist. call it wet. it's not moist. gross.

Grafs said...

Don't forget matriculate!


RitMeyer said...

I had an old Volvo in highschool and we all called it the vulva. I miss that car.

t.k.smith said...

We had a guy in my speech class who was ironically giving a speech on how to give speeches properly (confused yet?). Anyway, so he was telling us what to do to avoid a "premature evacuation" (running out of the room basically out of fear), but instead it came out as "premature ejaculation."

He paused and corrected himself, but we all fell over laughing. Two seconds later he was out the door. The statement "premature evacuation" just sounds dirty anyway though.

Sangroncito said...


~The Goofy Ass Chick said...

I can't stand the word 'moist' either. I guess I'm not crazy after all.

NCTRNL said...

Geraldo Rivera's the only white man to ever make me moist...

Justice said...

I must admit that most of those do sound dirty when you hear them. LOL

jamwall said...

i can remember being in biology class in 10th grade, we were looking at little tiny critters swimming in pond water through the telescope.

the kid next to me was looking in his telescope, when he jumped up and exclaimed "hey! we found an orgasm!!!!....we got an orgasm over here!!!!"

the teacher had to explain the difference between an organism and an orgasm to everyone...

Anonymous Midwest Girl said...

NamesAreHardToPick - Haha, "premature evactuation" sounds like pooping before you're ready.

Saulosi said...

I had a 10th grade 'orgasm' thingy too... only it wasn't a KID in my class, it was the TEACHER!!!! And a guy at that. And he never did realize he was saying it. But several of us nearly peed our pants and one guy fell his chair over backwards! Coach couldn't figure out for the life of him what was so funny... and what made it even funnier was he was talking about "micro-orgasms"! LOL!

And I'm with you, Jamwall... I think we need a little more COWBELL!!!!

jamwall said...

i suppose this teacher would confide in his doctor that he's having trouble giving his wife organisms?

yeah! more cowbell!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

These words, you're so right, they just sound dirrty even though they shouldn't.

Except, well, banal. I suppose it LOOKS dirty but it's pronounced "baa-nal", not "b-anal".

Am I being petty?


Neil said...

I wasw reading this is my Volvo and tittering so such, I almost dropped by shuttlecock out the window!

PINKSandROSES said...

i just thought of one days later... conch WTF? who made of that word?