Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Signs That You May Need to Up the Caliber of Friends That You Hang Out With, Number 46

AMBF: The clue is "animal" and it's four letters, beginning with "m" and ending with "e".
AMG: Mole.
AMBF: The "l" is right, but there's no "o."
AMG: Mule.
Drunk friend, belligerently: Dude, no. He said it ends with an "e"!
Drunk friend, muttering to himself: Dumbasses.


Joe said...

I thought it was MALE?

t.k.smith said...
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t.k.smith said...

Mile or male would be my guess.

Oh by the way:
1 People are are rocking my world...p

I like how blogspot doesn't get the whole plural/singular thing.

Bob said...

Let's just hope drunk friend somehow sees this post and maybe remembers this exchange.......
then asks you if "mule" was, indeed correct. Perhaps that will motivate drunk friend to moderate the intake of alcohol.

Or not.

Brianne said...

Some people and their spelling abilities or lack thereof.... it's just so sad. But it's fun to make fun of people like that. For instance, this girl my boyfriend used to work with - 30 years old, asked another bartender how to spell "cheese" and the bartender jokingly said, "C-H-E-Z" and this girl goes, "Oh yeah! Thanks!"