Thursday, January 25, 2007

You know what's fun?

My new Nintendo Wii.*

Let me say, it is just as much fun as those commercials lead you to believe. In fact, I think it may be the most fun you can possibly have with your clothes on.

Of course, I have not yet tried naked Wii-ing, so it very well may prove to be the most fun you can have WITHOUT your clothes as well. Although I wouldn't recommend it for males. Your little bits would be swinging around and flailing about and I have a feeling you'd only end up hurt.

*For you hardcore gamers saying to yourself, "Tsk, tsk. A Wii? You realize they completely sacrificed graphic quality in order to bring you that little Nunchuck, right? And it doesn't even play Blu-ray?" Yes, we also have a PS3. And I have a PSP. But with the new Wii and my Nintendo DS, which I carry with me at all times and play a ridiculous amount, I am a Nintendo girl at heart.

** Oh, yeah, and my eye surgery went great. I'll post more about that soon. Maybe. And also maybe about being possibly blacklisted by local dog walkers.


THE J Mo said...

Yes, I agree with completely on the Wii. What's your favorite game so far?

On my PSP, I play a lot of the older arcade games from "back in the day"... Galaga was (and still is) my fav.

TYSEN said...

Wiiiii! Yay!

And in case you do decide to play with your Wii naked and happen to have a Facebook account... this is a funny coincidence... I made a "I play with my Wii naked" group a week or two ago!

scott c said...

I'm usually naked when I Wii, at least partially naked. Otherwise, I'd have to do laundry more often.

We are talking about the same thing, right?

mysterygirl! said...

Yeah, no one wants flailing bits. (shudder)

Congrats on the Wii and the successful eye surgery!

Hanmee said...

Boys are so unkempt! I guess be wierder if a guy tucked it neatly between his legs...

Saw an article in the Washington Post several weeks ago talking about how despite the special fancy HD TV delivered with the PS3, the life of the party was the Wii.

Julie_Gong said...

I wish I liked video games. The only game I enjoy playing is Vice City and I just kill people and drive around on motorcycles and then have dreams about the game. Oh yeah thats why I don't like video games.

Glad you're not blind!

Sexy Lexi said...

I feel left out. But I do miss Tetris! Does Wii have Tetris?

Welcome back!

Chris said...

And you'll be getting to all the other items you've yet to blog about too, right? Like the monster trucks and New Year's Eve?

Glad to see your eye surgery turned out okay, and that you're enjoying your Wii.

Okay, that just sounds dirty. :)

JoeBlogs said...

Im not sure how responsive the Wii controller is, ill have to hold judgement till i've tried it myself.

Calitri said...

Wii bowling is one of the best drinking games ever. Excellent game sober, too.

Anonymous Midwest Girl said...

JMo - Honestly, we bought a pack that came with five games (Zelda, Madden, Call of Duty, Tony Hawk, Ultimate Alliance), but we haven't left Wii Sports yet. That, and the Virtual Console games we downloaded have been popular (Street Fighter II from Super Nintendo, anyone?).

Tysen - I'M THERE.

Scott - I'm pretty sure we're talking about the same thing. For shiz.

MG - I know, isn't the visual horrifying?

Hanmee - I can totally see that. I just went to a Wii party last night at a friend's house, and it was WAY more popular than the PS3.

Julie - You WOULD like the Wii. I'm pretty sure I could guarantee it. It's so different than anything you've ever's nothing like traditional games.

Lexi - Wii doesn't have Tetris yet....but it does have the original Super Mario Brothers!

Chris - Someday I'll blog about the rest....someday.

Joe - It's pretty responsive from what I've seen so far. Pretty sensitive to tilt, angle, etc.

Calitri - I CANNOT wait to drunk Wii.

Buffy said...

I want a Wii

curmudgeon said...

"Little" bits? BAH! I laugh in your face.