Thursday, August 30, 2007

Look, Shiney Movey Things!

1. Yesterday I parked next to a person who had nine ribbon magnets for various causes on their trunk, only one of which was the ubiquitious yellow "Suppor Our Troops" one. I had an inexplicable urge to arrange them in rainbow order (ROY G. BIV, holla!). I fought it, but barely.

2. In a hurry to get out of the gas station the other day, I apparently didn't tighten the gas cap all the way. Which caused my check engine light to come on. Which, considering I have spent a decent amount of money fixing things on my car in the not-too-distant past, caused a great deal of alarm. Somehow it didn't cross my mind that something as innocent as a loose gas cap could - or would - make the light come on. However, I am so on top of things that when I had to get gas again this morning, the light was still on, as I hadn't taken it in yet (figuring it was still driving without making any terrible noises). I saw the loose gas cap and thought, "There is no way in hell that would cause the check engine light to come on because that would be asinine and I know it costs like $70 just to get the check engine light diagnosed, and surely there is NO WAY one would be charged $70 for a loose gas cap." So I made sure to tighten it and of course, when I started the car again, the light was off. That. is. stupid.

3. September 20 through 23, I will be in Vegas with AMBF and my good buddies Dub and Magnum DI. Don't bother clicking Magnum's link, he hasn't posted since April because he's a douche. AMBF and I went to Vegas together in December with my family, and I've been twice for work. Dub and Magnum have been there twice together, once with her family and once with his, and I think Dub went for her 21st birthday, maybe with her mom. I might be making that up. Anyway, it will be my first trip there with friends and it should be fun. We're spending a weekend, which should be just enough time to grab one of those big yard-high drinks and wander the streets, lose some money gambling, go to Penn & Teller (love them) and maybe see some boobs. Like boobs that you pay for, not just random drunk old ladies flashing you on the street like last time.

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roonie said...

I'll be in Vegas September 20-24!

Anonymous Midwest Girl said...

PAR-TAY! See you there, Roonie! :)

Lexi said...

Believe it or not, the gas cap is one of the most common causes of the check engine light coming on. Maybe they should just make a separate light for that.

Oh, and Autozone will plug in a dealie to tell you why it's on...for free.